All Abilities Soccer – Where do we start?

Ontario Soccer webinarWebinar

This webinar was presented on Monday September 30th as part of an Ontario Soccer webinar series. The webinar provides broad examples of inclusive and accessible soccer practices that grassroots Clubs and groups can use.

Organizations are strongly encouraged to reach out and speak with some of the excellent grassroots program leaders listed at about the 53 minute mark.


  • 3:30 About Me
  • 4:40 Put a stake in the ground
  • 6:16 Why do people play soccer?
  • 8:20 Medical v Social Model
  • 13:00 Meaningful Competition
  • 16:30 The Inclusion Spectrum
  • 20:00 4 Corner Model
  • 29:00 Canadian Player Pathway
  • 35:00 Grassroots Locations
  • 36:40 Club Concerns
  • 46:00 Resources
  • 48:20 Online Courses
  • 50:20 Put a stake in the ground
  • 52:00 Questions and Answers



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