CP Soccer- Going the extra mile.

Early in 2020 Cheri Blauwet presented at an American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM) Conference in Boston. Cheri is a renowned wheelchair racer with 7 Paralympic medals and 2 Boston Marathon titles to her name. Her career path has now taken her into the medical profession where she is an Assistant Professor at Harvard MedicalContinue reading “CP Soccer- Going the extra mile.”

Club Video Stories

    Weyburn Soccer, B.C.                                                Pickering SC, Ontario      Making Ontario Accessible, Ontario                  State of the Nation, Canada Soccer      Pickering SC, Ontario                                              Toronto FC – Choose to IncludeContinue reading “Club Video Stories”

Ontario Round Up: Spring 2020

On reflection this was written well before the COVID-19 outbreak hit us hard and so, I’ve revised from the original message sent to 16 accessible soccer club leaders in early March. Since then Ontario Soccer took a strong, early stance by suspending all soccer as of March 12th. At times like this we’re looking forContinue reading “Ontario Round Up: Spring 2020”

2019 Ontario Soccer Summit

This blog provides a copy of the session entitled ‘All In With All Abilities’ at the February 2019 Ontario Soccer Summit. The session was delivered to approximately 30 attendees from across Ontario and BC with a focus on three different Club programs (North Toronto SC, Pickering Football Club All Abilities and Cambridge Youth Soccer ACES)Continue reading “2019 Ontario Soccer Summit”

Pararoos show us all what Para Soccer can be.

The fact that the Australian Pararoos, the Paralympic team of the Australian Football Federation were playing their first game on home soil in 19 years was a huge statement, made even more impressive is the fact that the program was axed in 2014 when the Australian Sports Commission deemed the team too much of aContinue reading “Pararoos show us all what Para Soccer can be.”

All Abilities Soccer – Where do we start?

Ontario Soccer webinar This webinar was presented on Monday September 30th as part of an Ontario Soccer webinar series. The webinar provides broad examples of inclusive and accessible soccer practices that grassroots Clubs and groups can use. Organizations are strongly encouraged to reach out and speak with some of the excellent grassroots program leaders listedContinue reading “All Abilities Soccer – Where do we start?”

Durham Region 2019 Ontario Para Sport Games

2019 Ontario Parasport Games 5’s Soccer Report After a successful 2019 Para Sport Games held across Durham Region (February 8th-10th) we’re excited to shared this report on the blind soccer tournament that was hosted at Pickering Soccer Centre. With legacy equipment from TO2015 and a fantastic crop of volunteers and experienced match officials we wereContinue reading “Durham Region 2019 Ontario Para Sport Games”

First ever North American Blind Soccer course.

The fact that the United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) stepped up and made this course happen was a big move forward for the game but the fact that they were open to welcoming three guest coaches from Canada demonstrated the enthusiasm to grow this game and the recognition that at some point inContinue reading “First ever North American Blind Soccer course.”

Ontario Soccer’s first Accessible Festival

Last weekends Accessible Soccer Festival was the first held by Ontario Soccer and the first held by any provincial association in Canada. A number of grassroots Clubs, notably Kitchener SC, Pickering SC and Fergus-Elora District Soccer (FEDS) have held small festivals in the past but only FEDS appear to have a formula for success with aContinue reading “Ontario Soccer’s first Accessible Festival”