Towards an Academy for Accessible Soccer

Recent events have given me the chance to reflect on the successes and future direction of accessible soccer in Ontario and Canada. I’d like to share these with you in an effort to further stimulate the growth of inclusive programs. Recent Success This is truly a team effort from vibrant Club programs and Thought LeadersContinue reading “Towards an Academy for Accessible Soccer”

Coaching Disabled Footballers Course,2015.

This is a summary of the Coaching Disabled Footballers courses held across southern Ontario in Feb, 2015. While the basic facts are outlined the key outcomes listed at the end of this document highlight the impact and opportunities observed. Course Dates and Locations Saturday Jan 31st              14 candidates     Whitby Sunday Feb 1st                  26 candidates    Continue reading “Coaching Disabled Footballers Course,2015.”

Blind Soccer: Sudbury

  Saturday April 9th was an exciting day. The first time that Ontario Soccer had partnered with Ontario Blind Sport in a more structured and formal way to deliver a blind soccer course that closely followed NCCP coach education philosophies and structure using the experience both Facilitators had as Learning Facilitators in our own right.Continue reading “Blind Soccer: Sudbury”