‘Safe Sport is here to stay’

Allison Forsyth, 2-time Olympian, 8-time alpine Canadian Champion summed up the national movement towards a safer sport environment simply as that – her to stay. What she then went on to explain was a reality check for many of the 200 delegates attending her keynote speech at the Ontario Soccer Summit hosted by the UniversityContinue reading “‘Safe Sport is here to stay’”

Blind Soccer hits the road.

The blind soccer teams from Pickering FC and North Mississauga SC hit the road last Sunday for a busy day of activity across Southern Ontario. The teams started the morning at The International Centre in Mississauga for the All-State Soccer Show. It was fantastic to represent blind soccer at this event, the first-time disability soccerContinue reading “Blind Soccer hits the road.”

Saskatchewan Soccer celebrates inclusion.

This past weekend the Saskatchewan Soccer Association (SSA) continued their commitment towards inclusion and accessibility in soccer with the hosting of a Soccability Canada workshop to help inform grassroots clubs about the broad range of soccer formats that exist. Ten delegates from grassroots clubs, the provincial soccer organization (PSO) and the provincial rugby association wereContinue reading “Saskatchewan Soccer celebrates inclusion.”

Ontario Para Sport Games 2022

Mississauga May 14-15, 2022. After a three year hiatus the Ontario Para Sport Games were back. Teams from Pickering and North Mississauga battled through three games together with NMSC winning 2 and sharing a tie. The final game was treated as the grand final and NMSC continued to have the upper hand with Golden BootContinue reading “Ontario Para Sport Games 2022”

Call To Action #2

In June, 2021 we shared with you a ‘Call To Action’ which we focused on the role and expectations of Canada Soccer National Youth License clubs. As a brief reminder it called on club leaders (board and staff) to put their stake in the ground and start building an accessible soccer program. Access and inclusionContinue reading “Call To Action #2”

We launched…

In the midst of a pandemic, and knowing people needed to feel connected, we launched Soccability Canada. Seeing a demand for our expertise in the soccer community, we launched Soccability Canada.  Knowing that more people need to hear about sport for development, we launched Soccability Canada. Watching other countries forge ahead in inclusive & accessibleContinue reading “We launched…”

When Kiera was told ‘no’.

Kiera is a player with passion for soccer that knows no bounds. As a youngster she faced adversity through cancer that led to her becoming a leg amputee. A significant barrier for most and especially for someone hungry to continue playing soccer, a sport she had grown up playing since a young age. Having recentlyContinue reading “When Kiera was told ‘no’.”

A Club Leader Call to Action.

If you have one of these:  then you need one of these: A key component of the Canada Soccer National Youth License is an inclusive and accessible soccer organization. Overall the License requires clubs to demonstrate good Governance, Administration, Infrastructure and Technical components, and within that Administration section is a recommendation to offer ‘enhanced communityContinue reading “A Club Leader Call to Action.”