What people are saying.

Working with a community group and knowing they’re the right partner is an important decision. In our efforts to educate and inspire we have worked with many groups and provided successful, positive engagement. The testimonials below will let you know what others are saying in their own words.

What People Say

Thanks so much for organizing.  It was such a great experience.  It really gave me an appreciation for how talented these players are.  Since I work with special needs kids, I was inspired to by how this program makes soccer accessible to kids who might not have that opportunity otherwise. Thanks again for the experience.  I had fun and didn’t sweat too much.


I really enjoyed the blind soccer demonstration, having played soccer in the past it gave me an interesting perspective. It also was really nice to hear how the popular the game is becoming and interesting to hear how the game is successfully modified. Thanks for bringing this to the Region, I really enjoyed it.


I noticed my balance was a bit off and my hearing actually was more in tune because the other senses kicked into play.

The smell of the wind and the sounds were more noticeable because of loss of sight for a brief time.

Listening to voices and TONES was quite important and description of area.

I could FEEL the ball between arches of my feet when sweeping, awesome.

To feel the BREEZE brush over my skin was amazing, the simplicity.


Let’s build something together.

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