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In-person courses that support coaches working with athletes with a disability are extremely limited in Canada. The good news is that the growth of online courses has helped make learning more accessible and affordable. It is a short term fix or an entry point to the in-person experience that coaches really benefit from.

Soccability Canada has the pleasure of working each year with students across Ontario using accessible soccer as a vehicle for awareness and insight.

This page shares details of Academy Soccer Coach, a UK based company and the first online coaching program to include graphics that reflect players with a disability (power chair, frame and blind). We also share a listed and links to recommended courses for anyone taking their first steps into coaching people with a disability.

Asc Cloud- All Abilities Template, a groundbreaking Session Template allows you to create, store, manage and share your Asc sports session diagrams and session plans in the cloud securely across your organisation and keep them updated on all of your devices. Asc software is a dedicated resource to support the development and growth of all your educational and coaching programs enabling coaches and players to grow and advance within the sport. Available for Wheelchair, amputee, frame and blind athletes with the option for male and female players.

The new platform allows you to plan and save your sessions off-line, share your sessions via “Whats App” and email, plus insert video into your interactive session plan. These are just a few of the additional features available. 

All Abilities

All Abilities video

Coaching Kids of All Abilities: Hosted by the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charity this 3-4 hours course provides an excellent insight into the needs of different participants. $25
NCCP Coaching Athletes with a Disability: Hosted by this 1 hour course provides a high level view of the Paralympic structure, different types of parasport, trust and assessing athletes. $15.
NCCP Coaching Athletes with Autism: Hosted by this 1 hour course 1:1 strategies for supporting individuals with ASD, and group coaching strategies for supporting individuals with autism. FREE
NCCP Coaching Athletes with Down Syndrome: This 30 minute courses assists coaches in learning how to empower athletes with Down syndrome to become active and successful participants in sport. FREE
Coaching Adapted Sports is a National Federation of High School Associations course addressing how to build an adapted program, interscholastic season and basic skills. FREE
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