As an organization focused on the growth of accessible soccer programs going through the process of defining our values should be straightforward. We’re about meaningful inclusion, collaboration and innovation with a strategic focus on making as much impact as we can, as quickly as we can. Below we outline the 6 Core Values of Soccability Canada


The world of accessible soccer is right now at the tip of an iceberg. Above the surface of the ocean we can see groundbreaking programs across the globe from Special Olympics and blind soccer to special education in schools and pan disability programs in grassroots clubs. There’s also been a steady growth of academic studies – check out our Resource page. So what’s below the surface of that iceberg? What is there to discover? Well there’s a wealth of coach education to be implemented, a tidal wave of playing opportunities to be created and a vast array of competition pathways to roll out. This only comes by discovering what’s around us and what we can be.


The world of para soccer is ripe for innovation. By taking the findings from pioneering programs around the world and benefiting from the fantastic spirit of collaboration within the para sport family there are great advances we can make in inclusion and accessibility that cut across the education, community, sport, technology and business sectors.


We want to have impact at all levels of the game and from coast to coast to coast. It will take time. There will be hurdles. We’re in it for the long haul in order to make lasting change.


As a tiny organization our team is just as tiny but we have a big vision! Working with collaborators and partners wherever we can will enable our team to grow when possible and contract when required. Our focus will be on team members that share our values and our vision, where everyone shares equally in our success.


The program values outlined by Activity Alliance in the United Kingdom are a great summary of what it is to be player centered. As we look at sport through a Long Term Athlete Development lens there is a lot to be excited about. Activity Alliance break down in 10 points how we can, and should, focus on the needs of our athletes. Activity Alliance values espouse the need for community leaders and those in power to respect:

  1. My channels of communication
  2. My locality
  3. Me, not my impairment
  4. My values
  5. My life story
  6. Reassure me
  7. Include me
  8. Listen to me
  9. Welcome me
  10. Show me


At the end of the day, when all is said and done this is about sport. Even better than that, it’s about soccer, the worlds beautiful game. It’s been said many times before that no one stopped doing something because it was too much fun – so we commit to keep it that way! When we keep it fun we’ll welcome more people to the sport and commit them for a lifetime.

Our values are there to guide our key decisions. Organizations that align with them are encouraged to reach out and see how we can work together.


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